Ronda is a Spanish city belonging to the autonomous community of Andalusia, located in the northwest of the province of Malaga. It is the head of the homonymous judicial district and the capital of the region of the Serrania de Ronda.

In 2009 it had 36,827 inhabitants, which make it the second most populated municipality in the interior of the province after Antequera.6 Its municipal area extends over a plateau known as the Ronda depression and the mountain ranges that surround it. It has an area of ​​481.31 km² and a population density of 76.51 inhabitants / km².

Ronda has its origin in the Roman Arunda that would be constituted from existing Iberian settlements. The Visigoths continued until the arrival of the Muslims, who consolidated their role as county seat and its urban entity. Its location facilitated the defense of the city and put it in a strategic situation to master the steps and roads to Baja Andalucía. This and the availability of land suitable for agriculture finally gave it a remarkable historical importance.